Problems with potency occur in more than 90% of men who live in Russia. Yes, they all have different degrees of excitability and duration of sexual intercourse, but the statistics speak for themselves. So how to get rid of such a disease and start to enjoy making love? Modern solution in the fight against bad potency Modern scientists have created a unique drug called viagra. Yes, a standard tool with a similar name has been around for many years, but this option has its advantages. It is not aimed at artificially lifting the sexual organ, but only stimulates blood flow to the muscles of the penis. As a result, a man has a good erection and long sexual intercourse. However, it is worth noting that the effect of the drug begins only when excited.

The drug viagra is advised to take the following disorders:

  • The presence of diabetes;
  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Psychogenic disorders;
  • damage to the nerve endings of the penis;
  • spinal cord injury;
  • taking large doses of drugs, for example, passing a therapeutic course.

The benefits of the drug Drug of plant origin viagra ireland shows effective results after the first intake. Thanks to him, the patient gets the following benefits.

Increased excitability after taking the medication.

An increase in penis size.

Maintaining an erection for a long time allows you to have normal sex with your partner.

The natural composition of the drug allows it to be used in conjunction with other medicines.

Minimum contraindications and side effects.

Establishing a family sex life.

The confidence of a man increases, as he can have stable sex with his beloved woman.

Before choosing a drug necessarily need to consult with your doctor and pass the necessary examinations, take tests. If there are any contraindications, you should not take the medicine. You can pass a qualitative examination and buy medicine in the company of Thanks to the drug you will be able to establish your sex life, become a confident man and will attract the attention of many women. If the dose of the intake and the absence of contraindications, the positive effect is guaranteed. See for yourself!